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THE SPUD – teaser

Written on 02/23/2011 /// 5,348 × read /// No comments yet


I recently finished a SPUD-teaser graphic for the soon coming design toy SPUD, created by my friend
DAS MO ….everyone is now just waiting for the release! mjammjam, tasty spud!

Jouwe custom show + wip pics + Final Custom

Written on 09/17/2010 /// 6,754 × read /// 3 Comments


Upcoming Jouwe custom show on Oktober 2nd 2010 taking place at the Artyfarty Gallery in Cologne.
Im lucky to be one of the participants there.
I have already seen some of the “wip” pics of the other customizers. Its rad what they coming up with.
Following you´ll find some of my jouwe wip pics.

First of all, ripping the toy apart….

…to replace he parts afterwards

Reworking the head

This are the tail hairs, waiting to dry.

Update 24.9.2010
I am presenting you the finished Jouwe custom

Slurgtoy#1 reworked + making of

Written on 03/23/2010 /// 7,377 × read /// 12 Comments


I´ve worked pretty hard to get the Slurgtoy#1 finaly done!
Lots of sanding hours (…again) filled my last 2 months with more dust, than i expected by myself.
But it´s official now, The Slurgtoy#1 is gonna be produced in an strictely limited edition of 100 pieces.
Im proud to say, that my label is the creaturelounge, which im now part of.
Below I have some pictures of the prototype reworks. Check out the huge difference in the before and after though!
Sometimes i felt like a plastic surgent

The arms got a facelift, too

The teeth, gone…

…and replaced

…after some sanding hours…days…

Covered with holefiller

Both figures in relation

Slurgtoys: detailed Pictures

Written on 03/23/2009 /// 5,091 × read /// 3 Comments


As promised, the detailed pictures of the five Slurgs
Slurgtoy#1-Version 1.0

1/4 Bed and 19 Slurgs

Written on 03/18/2009 /// 4,919 × read /// 2 Comments


Finally the Slurgs toys are sanded, painted and set into the scenary.
The last view days i was just on sanding the entire time, but now i can say, it was totaly worth it.
Now i can rest easy again and my fingers get back their old fingerprints…

The Slurgs are available after the exhibition.
Each piece $60.

Detailed pictures
and a nice short story follows soon.