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German-Swiss hall of fame fun

Written on 11/17/2009 /// 4,516 × read /// No comments yet


This weekend I eventually had “Graffiti-fun” on my schedule.
For this reason i met Jens from Switzerland, who was currently on a trip to Hamburg,
and whos fingers also where tickleing.
The magnificent sunny weather gave his contribute to the rich and funcolored painting.
This was the first collaboration with Jens, but im sure, that it certainly was not the last one.
Click to enlarge

1x Saskatoon, please

Written on 07/16/2009 /// 4,692 × read /// 2 Comments


A new Tikone piece in Saskatoon.
The wall is tucked away a little and its private property. So you have to register first to get a permission for spraypaint. But once you have finished the formal part, you can spray as long as you want, and as long as your cans give you some color.

Bye Kelowna

Written on 06/23/2009 /// 4,912 × read /// 3 Comments


i just wanted to get shot of it, before i completely left the timezone to continue my tour across canada.
And as a greet after all:
A hot, sunny day under a shady Bridge. Just the cold wall, the horrible canadian cans and a never ending shouting homeless one on the other side. Thats what i call idyll.

Graffitifun in Vancouver

Written on 06/05/2009 /// 5,139 × read /// No comments yet


Last night i met “Guts”, a nice graffiti painter almost as “oldchool” as me…
We had a cool session on the Leeside Skatepark. You can see the result below (click to enlarge).tikone_guts_vancouver_2009


Written on 09/12/2008 /// 5,453 × read /// One Comment


Wer Streetart liebt, ist herzlich eingeladen zur nunmehr vierten Illegallerie die in der Scheel-Plessen-Str
in HH-Altona, direkt am Lessing Tunnel, Ihren Platz gefunden hat.

UPDATE 13.09.08:
Es ist wahr: Die Wand ist wieder komplett “Entpostert”. Schade um die ganze Kreative Energie, die hier an den Tag gelegt wurde. Vielleicht hat jemand das ganze schon Fotografiert, bevor es entfernt wurde, dann wird es nachträglich hier gepostet.

Illegallerie entfällt!
illegallerie im EntstehenFoto: Neil