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Mini-board wip

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Here is a picture of a miniboard collaboration, i am contributing to.
Once again a funky collaboration with a student of OSF Torornto´s Skateboard school.

They have a big “mini-board” show coming up including 19 tight collaboration boards.
The show is called “Board n’ School Silent Auction”
Make sure to check it out at Gladstone Hotel, only Friday April 19, 7-10pm


Picture of the final board this way.

Tonight! Group Show! La Revolution! Toronto

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Caution: short notice.

starting now, a one evening only collaboration show @
La Revolución
2848 Dundas St. West,
Toronto, Ontario M6P 1Y7

Around 10 Artists from the area are presenting their beautiful pieces.
Besides that, you can expect live music like electro punk and DJ´s playing chinese hip hop.

Get off facebook, and the internet and check it out!


Upcoming show. Port Perry. Ontario

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Next weekend Andres Musta and myself are opening a collaborated show at the scugog council for the arts, Port Perry, Ontario.

The show opens 8pm on the 6th of october 2012 and runs till the 28th.
We are both there for the opening night for a meet and greet.

Here´s the short press text:

“It Came from Under The Bed: an exhibition by Joachim Lau and Andres Musta

The bedroom, a place of refuge and safety, often harbours hidden horrors.
Dare you to look under the bed and see for yourself.

The collaborative exhibition presents paintings, prints, drawings, plush toys and sculptures in a domestic installation of monsters and mayhem.”

Hope to see some people out there, even if the location is somewhat hard to reach.
Wanna see some work in progress? Here we go.

Added 10.11.2012

The Show opening turned out pretty good.
Thanks to all of you who came all the way to Port Perry to support us.

Here is Andres´ full flicker stream with pictures of the making-of and the final event.

We really turned the place in a colorful, playful and cozy space.


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From now on, sorry German friends, my blog will only appear in english language.
In this case its easier for me, to write and post more frequently. Not because i dont like you anymore, but because i have to type anything twice. And I am not the big writer anyway.

So, as the most of you already now, i made my way to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
That is finally what i mean, when you hear me saying “home” now.

The time started out to be a really good one. I met lots of nice people and put myself to work by starting a new custom.

I met Craig Morrison who is the teacher of the “#1 on the Toronto Star’s “Coolest Schools” List
(March 17, 2011)”, The Oasis Skateboard Factory.
He invited me out to his first class for the start of the semester. Craig basically teaches them streetart and board design and wanted me to show his sudents some of my slurgs, and talk a bit. More pics after the click

To the end of the semester, i will do a collaboration with one of the students on a skateboard.
If i get the chance i will make a board myselfand to paint, display, ride or sell.

And not to forgett, we started preparing the Stickershow on Monday and continuing tomorrow at the Baitshop for the Nuitblanche which takes place from saturday oct.1, 2011 till sunrise oct 2nd, 2011.

Everyone is invited to come by and take a look at the largest sticker collection Worldwide (i suppose).
Seriously, I have never seen such a huge amount of unique stickers everywhere else.
Stickers and pasteups from all over the World are on display.
You can draw or bring your own sticker and put it up on the wall or share with the stickers existing.

Its gonna be huge, and im happy to be a part of that.

Enough for now, you shall hear from me more often in the next time. I will keep you posted.
And see you at the Nuitblanche, hopefully!

Oversized & Underpriced Round 3 Exhibition

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Moin moin, meine lieben Slurg Freunde.
Gestern war der Auftakt der nunmehr 3. Runde der “Oversized & Underpriced” Show, die noch bis zum 30.April 2011 zu sehen ist.
Diesmal bin ich auch mal mit einem Slurg Beitrag dabei.

Für die Show wurden großformatige Post-Sticker bemalt, die dort ausgestellt und kostengünstig erworben werden können. Der Erlös der Bilder geht zum größten Teil dem Projekt Skateistan zugute!

Das ganze findet statt im

Markgrafendamm 31
10245 Berlin

Mittwoch – Freitag: 12:00 Uhr – 20:00 Uhr
Samstag & Sonntag: 12:00 Uhr – 18:00 Uhr
…und mit Terminabsparache