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Customize contest done

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The Customize contest is closed

The winner of this contest is Alexander Gwynne.
Blog und Nicepapertoys

This is the only Slurg who got back to me after approximately 500 downloads of the Template.
But even if he didnĀ“t have some enemies this time, his work including the slurg is brilliant.
Thank you Alex.

“the slurg stomper” no slurg should go without one!

Customize the Slurg-papertoy CONTEST!

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For the birth of my first Slurg-papertoy i invite you to a little customize-contest.

The rules:

- download template (letter, .eps), (A4, .eps) or (A4 .pdf)
- Edit the toy by hand or computer, paint on it, draw on it, create something new with or on it, do whatever you like.
- Build the papertoy!
- Take a picture, crop the toy, that it is staying above a white Background.
- Send max. 3 pictures of the custom toy to slurg@slurg.de
- Maximum1 toy a person.

The prize:

1 X Pack of the Slurg poster edition#1 + 1 of each Slurg-Buttonpack

Deadline is February 13th, 2010 (Middle European time GMT+01:00 Berlin)

The finalist and all other participates will be showcased in my blog.

And the winners are….

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YEAH! I just got a message that i won the Boombox Contest. I wrote about the contest here.
Soon i can actually customize the real Boombox!
Foto: (c) Jasin Dollin