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Slurg X twist / OSF Mini board

Written on 05/04/2013 /// 55,536 × read /// 27 Comments


I finally got the picture of my board.
I couldn´t make one before because i finished it late at night, just before the show deadline…
and flash pictures on wet boards – never a good idea.
So here it is, the collab mini board with claudinne, aka twist.

Wip picture from the last post, here


Written on 09/29/2011 /// 6,220 × read /// No comments yet


Hogga just sent me a link from a website in Frankfurt: “Stadtkindffm.wordpress.com”.
They photographed some of our paste ups in Frankfurts streets. What a nice morning surprise.

THE SPUD – teaser

Written on 02/23/2011 /// 5,348 × read /// No comments yet


I recently finished a SPUD-teaser graphic for the soon coming design toy SPUD, created by my friend
DAS MO ….everyone is now just waiting for the release! mjammjam, tasty spud!

Belgrad collaboration done

Written on 06/30/2010 /// 5,647 × read /// 2 Comments


Long time ago, I wrote a blogpost about a collaboration with Darthdoktor and Mina
2 Artists coming from Belgrad.
This project draged on far to long, but we´re finaly done and everyone does have a piece
and we´re all happy about it.