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-hanging around-

I just had an rerally intresting talk about the motivation and the diszipline to get out of bed in the morning.
In a funny manner, the title of this bookslurg fits perfectly.
Actually, i am mutated to something like a “workoholic”. So, my incentive its to produce, to create something good, that I can fall in my bed, tired after all, and say:” Yes, that was exhausted, but look what you have done in just one day, keep it up!“
What motivates you? Which excuse are helping you to leave the warm bed early in the morning?
(…provided that you do!)
Now Available!


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-Get the Canvas-

Even if i stay canada the production of the Bookslurgs doesn´t stop.
A lot of beautiful Pages are waiting for their release. Enjoy.
get the canvasNow Available!


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-Canadian Slurg-
book38.jpgAvailable in the Slurgshop

I´m going to do a semester abroad in Canada/BC.
For the accommodation i have pictured a Slurg with the touristic appearance.
Maybe the texts in this blog will be bilingual at this time, or i´m going to write the texts just in english.
I will still take care of my site.

Thanks Johannes,, the German Slurg-Shop will be continued at this time.
If you life in Germany, you will get your stuff from Münster, instead of Hamburg and you will not notice my “short break”.
Till then i stay here and everything is alright!


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Für alle die gerne so klebrigen Kram essen, der danach sowohl die Zähne verklebt,
als auch die Hände und alle Kleidung verschmiert.

book37.jpgIm Shop erhältlich!


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book36.jpgIm Shop erhältlich!