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Written on 06/16/2009 /// 3,641 × read /// No comments yet


In the time i stayed in Kelowna, i did another slurg painting.
Got a nice frame to it, hey?
Technique: Acrylic, Fineliner, Marker on Cardboard.

“Ending Show”

Written on 06/07/2009 /// 7,011 × read /// One Comment


On Wednesday, june 10th my Exhibition at the Habitat finally ends.
Its more like a last come together before i take the pictures down on thursday.
Starts at 7pm. Just step by and have a good time. See you there on Wednesday!

Impressive horrorshow

Written on 02/04/2009 /// 3,041 × read /// No comments yet


The artist Olivier de Sagazan from Saint Nazaire (F) shows us a well worth seeing video of one of his live performances on youtube, by coating his face with different materials. The faces witch occure thereby are seriously scary.

Part one is done!

Written on 12/03/2008 /// 14,126 × read /// 3 Comments


I have initialised a nice project i´ll do together with mina and Darthdoktor from Beograd, .
The Project its about a collective Illustration on which we are going to paint temporally and lokal disconnected.
Within the framework of the project the flight/trip wouldn´t be worth it.
The workflow (theoretical)
i am starting with drawing my slurgs randomly and thematicaly free on a optional Medium. The size is 40x60cm.
After this the whole thing will be packaged and sended to mina to Belgrade (it will be on tomorrow).
She is going to add her nice characters and will give this to Darthdoktor afterwards, who is going to complement the Illustration.
Accordingly the art should sended back to me. I will take care of the overpainted Slurgs etc. if this is neccessary.
Im exited about the surprising Illustration!
The whole thing happens three times, that in the end, everyone have his own Illustration for himself. My work is done for the first time.

Urban Expo – Pretty Portal

Written on 11/15/2008 /// 2,954 × read /// No comments yet


Das Pretty Portallädt zum Jahresende zur Ausstellung “Urban Expo” ein.
Mit dieser Ausstellung werden alle Künstler geehrt, die in den letzten anderthalb Jahren eine Ausstellung in den Räumlichkeiten der Gallerie veranstalten durften.
Es verspricht ein sehr abwechslungsreiches und buntes Programm zu werden, denn die Aktivisten
(wie auf dem Flyer zu sehen) kommen von überall her und jeder hat seinen eigenen Stil.

Aufschreiben! 28.11.2008 (Vernissage) /// ab 19:00 /// Pretty Portal, Brunnenstraße 12, 40223 Düsseldorf ///
Ausstellungsdauer: 28.11.2008 – 23.12.2008 ///flyer-allstars-front.jpgflyer-allstarsback.jpg