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On it goes…

Written on 01/02/2012 /// 67,590 × read /// No comments yet


First of all, ***a happy new year*** to all of you all over the world!
I appreciate that you come back every so often to read and comment my blog.

So, whats new?
There is, again much going on this Year. I have tons of custom toys i want to release this year, including the andoid, the mate by artist “Das Mo”, a quee bunny and the Boombox by artist Jasin Dollin.
I also want to release a designer toy which i created together with Timo “Das Mo” in the end of November 2011.

Furthermore there will be definitely one show this Year.
The show takes place in Port Perry (Ontario) October 2012. it´s gonna be a collaboration-show called “Under your bed” with my friend Andres Musta.

I am looking forward to all the things to master, and keep you updated on all the upcoming news.

Oh, before i forget to post that, last time i told you about the Skateboardschool i was invited as a guest artist.
I accomplished a collaboration board with one of the students “Kid Squid”.
It is a Slurg/Tentakel-arm-worm-Battle and came out really nice.
I enjoyd doing that board and am looking forward to the second collaboration.

Belgrad collaboration done

Written on 06/30/2010 /// 5,647 × read /// 2 Comments


Long time ago, I wrote a blogpost about a collaboration with Darthdoktor and Mina
2 Artists coming from Belgrad.
This project draged on far to long, but we´re finaly done and everyone does have a piece
and we´re all happy about it.

Boombox contest

Written on 10/19/2009 /// 5,137 × read /// No comments yet


On Saturday i accidently stumbled upon a website with a call for a promotional contest to design a Boombox on paper. This is a new designtoy by Jasin Dollin which it is going to be produced in 2010. For those who wanna design the box, you can download the boombox templates here and here.
Attention, the deadline takes place at the october 25th. Just 2 Designs per Person.
You´ll find more infos in this Post furthermore you´ll find a informative Video of the producing process. slurg_boombox_front

New Slurg piece

Written on 08/08/2009 /// 4,358 × read /// No comments yet


-No crime-
Handdrawn Slurg Characters. Ready for your wall!
Technique: Acrylic, Fineliner, Marker on Cardboard.
Dimension: 7,7 X 8,5 inch / 21 X 19,2 cm.

Get this unique art piece at the Slurg Shop!


Berlinwall finally rebuilt

Written on 07/31/2009 /// 4,258 × read /// No comments yet


…not really, certainly, in favor the Wall is nicer and longer than anytime before. The Artrevolution Berlinwall shall be the world largest Artwall. For everyone who want to submit something, you´ll find the template here.
To submit your part of the wall, go to this page. I just sent my part of the wall over.
Furthermore you get the wall as a nice widget to embed the whole fun stuff in (e.g.) Myspace.
Klick to enlarge!