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Upcoming show. Port Perry. Ontario

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Next weekend Andres Musta and myself are opening a collaborated show at the scugog council for the arts, Port Perry, Ontario.

The show opens 8pm on the 6th of october 2012 and runs till the 28th.
We are both there for the opening night for a meet and greet.

Here´s the short press text:

“It Came from Under The Bed: an exhibition by Joachim Lau and Andres Musta

The bedroom, a place of refuge and safety, often harbours hidden horrors.
Dare you to look under the bed and see for yourself.

The collaborative exhibition presents paintings, prints, drawings, plush toys and sculptures in a domestic installation of monsters and mayhem.”

Hope to see some people out there, even if the location is somewhat hard to reach.
Wanna see some work in progress? Here we go.

Added 10.11.2012

The Show opening turned out pretty good.
Thanks to all of you who came all the way to Port Perry to support us.

Here is Andres´ full flicker stream with pictures of the making-of and the final event.

We really turned the place in a colorful, playful and cozy space.

The Instant Illustration Vending Machine

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On Saturday, the 18th i was part of a popup shop called “Feeling lucky?” happening at a loft on king east, Toronto.
The Popup shop was a big success, with an overall enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere.

Isolatet from all the visitors, I was sitting in the box doing illustrations based on the amount of money people dropped into the slot.

The box is constructed of 17 parts, of which 8 are screws.
Only 6 screws require a screwdriver. The other parts are connected by a stabil locking system.
It only takes about 5 minutes to build the box from these parts.


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Hi folks,

As some of you know, i do other stuff than slurgs too, most of it doesn´t show up on that blog, simply because it is dedicated to my beloved slurgs, but this one needs to be here.

I finished my Diplome as an illustrator last year in November by building 2 papertoys, which i think fit in here, even if they have no trunks (…yet)
For the Diplome i have managed to build a robot, and a small figure which work togehter in a team.

LEVIN (inherited word from „Lewin“ „Liebwin“ und „Lieven“ means “lieber freund/good friend”)

PROKOPIUS (from the greek worg “prokop” which means “fortschreiten/progression”)

The Process sometimes looks a bit crazy, but im living in organized chaos, that seems to be my world.

Also another big part of the task, was an introduction book, which gave me sleepless nights and
grazed elbows.
The book is made of cardboard cover, all the templates are included, and the introduction is printed on transparent paper.

The Project was fun, and quite a challenge in some parts.
Im looking forward to start animating them, which will be the next step.

Nick Knite just sent me a picture made in Cologne on Saturday, where both of my characters were part of a mini exhibition surrounded by a huge amount of his great work. The show was held by Timo “das Mo” to promote Paper and designer toys, for the Dingfabrik.

Now available: A bunch of new Bookslurgs

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I just finished to upload a bunch of new Bookslurgs to my shop, where they are available for sale.

I have still plenty of them in the pipeline, waiting to be photographed and cropped, but for now that shall be enough.

By the way, i hit the half of the Book already, my plan is to finish all pages till the end of 2012.
Lean back, scroll and enjoy.

-Rüssel o´mania-

The Bookslurg #73
-on the ball-

-heroe´s lesson-

-Mature Content-




Unfortunately this is sold already.


-Speak of the devil-

-wet dream-

-Rüssel Verknüpfung-

-A Nobrainer-

-the earlybird-


-I like raisins-

-to 98,9% sure-

-screw you-

-Brain massage-


Missed the link? Get your Bookslurgs here

On it goes…

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First of all, ***a happy new year*** to all of you all over the world!
I appreciate that you come back every so often to read and comment my blog.

So, whats new?
There is, again much going on this Year. I have tons of custom toys i want to release this year, including the andoid, the mate by artist “Das Mo”, a quee bunny and the Boombox by artist Jasin Dollin.
I also want to release a designer toy which i created together with Timo “Das Mo” in the end of November 2011.

Furthermore there will be definitely one show this Year.
The show takes place in Port Perry (Ontario) October 2012. it´s gonna be a collaboration-show called “Under your bed” with my friend Andres Musta.

I am looking forward to all the things to master, and keep you updated on all the upcoming news.

Oh, before i forget to post that, last time i told you about the Skateboardschool i was invited as a guest artist.
I accomplished a collaboration board with one of the students “Kid Squid”.
It is a Slurg/Tentakel-arm-worm-Battle and came out really nice.
I enjoyd doing that board and am looking forward to the second collaboration.