Slurg, Where have you been?

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Hi, how are you guys? Long time no see…

I thought i might give you a bit of an update of whats new – or better – do a blogpost of whats new and where I have been and what i´ve been up to in the last 12 months (+) or so.

I moved twice, since i wrote the last post, from a small place downtown Toronto to a place close to high park which was nice, but again too small and also too expensive considering that i needed to rent extra storage for all my glorious belongings.
Four months in, we found a house for rent in North York, where we got enough space for everything creative and enough storage to place all my stuff (which is surprisingly quite a lot … and no, i am no horder, only collector of awesome things – seriously.)

That said, a lot of effort went into cleaning the space and making our studios nice and neat, to feel comfortable enough to work there day and night. Also a lot of time went into equipping and finishing the woodshop, that is conveniently attached to the house.
(Photos and infos about our studio are coming after the spring clean! I promise.

Simultaneously to the renovations I started working on some toys for the London toyconUK which my friend Timo (dasMO) and i attended as vendors for the first time in the beginning of April 2014.
We started a toy label called “ROOOK” under which we produce hand made designer toys.

You will for sure see more of the roook collective in the future. Stay definetly tuned for that.
The ToyCon London was the Roook kickoff and the first time we attended a Designertoy convention.
It was great chatting with all the other artists and seeing the cool stuff that is coming out of peoples heads and hands.

My slurg toy was part of the Show as well, but i am still working on these guys to get them ready and shipped out, whenever i get an order for it.
As of now, the toy never ended up in my slurg store because whenever i got one done,
it sold or went to a show for display. (unfortunately?)

This Year we won´t make it to the show, but hey, that gives us some time to work on other great stuff!

Our first collaboration piece called “mojo”, is a wall mounted designer toy/sculpture, that can be hung in either up or down position, leaving you with two different expressions.

We even managed to get some custom clothing for the mojos, to make them even more awesome!
The figure comes with brackets to install it on the wall.
Goto to check out pictures and even like us on facebook

Just recently i started to continue the bookslurg series, to bring the long lasting project to an end – hopefully by the end of 2015. My goal is, to produce a book with all the bookslurgs to have a little collection of all the work i´ve put in over the years. I keep you updated on that one!

Whats going on in the next few months?

Current plans are to work on more Mojos, Mojo customs and the Bookslurgs.
I also have some custom toys laying around, that are close to be finished…

I started to do some other projects that are going to be uploaded on instructables soonish.
They really have not much to do with slurgs, but are awesome side projects that push me to try new things.

Here is something i found from a little ago… thought you might like it :)

Stay awesome!




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