Upcoming show. Port Perry. Ontario

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Next weekend Andres Musta and myself are opening a collaborated show at the scugog council for the arts, Port Perry, Ontario.

The show opens 8pm on the 6th of october 2012 and runs till the 28th.
We are both there for the opening night for a meet and greet.

Here´s the short press text:

“It Came from Under The Bed: an exhibition by Joachim Lau and Andres Musta

The bedroom, a place of refuge and safety, often harbours hidden horrors.
Dare you to look under the bed and see for yourself.

The collaborative exhibition presents paintings, prints, drawings, plush toys and sculptures in a domestic installation of monsters and mayhem.”

Hope to see some people out there, even if the location is somewhat hard to reach.
Wanna see some work in progress? Here we go.

Added 10.11.2012

The Show opening turned out pretty good.
Thanks to all of you who came all the way to Port Perry to support us.

Here is Andres´ full flicker stream with pictures of the making-of and the final event.

We really turned the place in a colorful, playful and cozy space.

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