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Hi folks,

As some of you know, i do other stuff than slurgs too, most of it doesn´t show up on that blog, simply because it is dedicated to my beloved slurgs, but this one needs to be here.

I finished my Diplome as an illustrator last year in November by building 2 papertoys, which i think fit in here, even if they have no trunks (…yet)
For the Diplome i have managed to build a robot, and a small figure which work togehter in a team.

LEVIN (inherited word from „Lewin“ „Liebwin“ und „Lieven“ means “lieber freund/good friend”)

PROKOPIUS (from the greek worg “prokop” which means “fortschreiten/progression”)

The Process sometimes looks a bit crazy, but im living in organized chaos, that seems to be my world.

Also another big part of the task, was an introduction book, which gave me sleepless nights and
grazed elbows.
The book is made of cardboard cover, all the templates are included, and the introduction is printed on transparent paper.

The Project was fun, and quite a challenge in some parts.
Im looking forward to start animating them, which will be the next step.

Nick Knite just sent me a picture made in Cologne on Saturday, where both of my characters were part of a mini exhibition surrounded by a huge amount of his great work. The show was held by Timo “das Mo” to promote Paper and designer toys, for the Dingfabrik.



I wanted to congratulate you in person (well… in the comments) for the AWESOME robot you created.
And of course with your diploma!

great work!

Comment by Matthijs Kamstra aka [mck] /// 01/22/2012 @ 9.21 pm


Thanks Matthijs,
Hearing those words from you, makes me proud. I love your robots too!

Comment by Admin /// 01/22/2012 @ 9.42 pm


this is awesome! will this ever be available for purchase?

Comment by Dave /// 01/24/2012 @ 12.12 am


Hi Dave,
I will (try) to release the book within this year.
If you wanna be informed, please join my mailinglist, so you will be noticed, when this happens.

(PS: Thats no spam, the newsletter is sent out by myself, maybe ones or twice a year.)

Comment by Admin /// 01/24/2012 @ 12.55 am


Im joining too…

Comment by Hadz /// 01/24/2012 @ 1.56 pm


this is awesome. great work

Comment by Bryan Rollins /// 01/26/2012 @ 12.55 am


Dear Mr. Slurg,

I herewith would love to register for a signed copy of this outstanding masterpiece of literature. I am among the proudest people on this planet to already have these 2 fellows standing in my apartment.

Sincerly yours

Sir Timo and the mo

Comment by das mo /// 01/26/2012 @ 12.56 pm


Die beiden Männchen sind richtig goldig. Es entstand zuerst ein Bein mit Fuß und Schuh – bereits da liebte ich den kleinen Levin, der zu dem Zeitpunkt noch nicht aussah und noch keinen Namen hatte. Die beiden Männchen sind ein richtig tolles Paar. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesem großen Wurf!

Lieber Levin, lieber Prokopius, nun kommt mal in die Gänge – startet Euren gemeinsamen Lebensweg. Ich bin gespannt, wie der gehen wird.

Dear son, we are very proud with the work and the charakters you developed and created. We know, how many work you invested in those to persons! Chapeau. Good wishes for the future: for Levin, Prokopius, Slurg and Joachim

Comment by Slurgcreators mother /// 04/13/2012 @ 9.07 pm


Looks fantastic!!! Great job dude.

Comment by Paper Toy Adventures /// 04/22/2012 @ 11.11 am


Thank you guys for all the inspiring and motivating comments.

Thanks mom and dad for supporting me through the tough times during that diplome.
I really appreciate that you stay behind what i do, It means a lot to me!

Now, back to work, lots of stuff in the pipeline, stay tuned.


Comment by Admin /// 04/22/2012 @ 4.11 pm


Bloody beautiful work mate waiting to get the book !

Comment by Shane Jerinic /// 01/18/2013 @ 2.26 pm

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