Now available: A bunch of new Bookslurgs

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I just finished to upload a bunch of new Bookslurgs to my shop, where they are available for sale.

I have still plenty of them in the pipeline, waiting to be photographed and cropped, but for now that shall be enough.

By the way, i hit the half of the Book already, my plan is to finish all pages till the end of 2012.
Lean back, scroll and enjoy.

-Rüssel o´mania-

The Bookslurg #73
-on the ball-

-heroe´s lesson-

-Mature Content-




Unfortunately this is sold already.


-Speak of the devil-

-wet dream-

-Rüssel Verknüpfung-

-A Nobrainer-

-the earlybird-


-I like raisins-

-to 98,9% sure-

-screw you-

-Brain massage-


Missed the link? Get your Bookslurgs here

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