Customize the Slurg-papertoy CONTEST!

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For the birth of my first Slurg-papertoy i invite you to a little customize-contest.

The rules:

- download template (letter, .eps), (A4, .eps) or (A4 .pdf)
- Edit the toy by hand or computer, paint on it, draw on it, create something new with or on it, do whatever you like.
- Build the papertoy!
- Take a picture, crop the toy, that it is staying above a white Background.
- Send max. 3 pictures of the custom toy to
- Maximum1 toy a person.

The prize:

1 X Pack of the Slurg poster edition#1 + 1 of each Slurg-Buttonpack

Deadline is February 13th, 2010 (Middle European time GMT+01:00 Berlin)

The finalist and all other participates will be showcased in my blog.

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